Malapower capsule: Prevents And Treats Malaria

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Green world Malapower capsule alleviates the  symptoms of malaria like high fever, flush of cheeks, headache, thirst and body ache come. The Green World Malapower Capsule is a herbal medicine that kills the plasmodium and prevents malaria.

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Green world Malapower capsule

Green World Malapower Capsule is a herbal medicine that kills the plasmodium and prevents malaria. It help to restrains growth of the plasmodium and kills it directly. Thus the breaking out of malaria is controlled. The capsule can be taken in two ways: with water or without, which allows for convenience on trips where there may not be access to clean drinking water.


  1. Inhibits the growth of plasmodium
  2. directly kills the plasmodium so as to control the attack of malaria
  3. Relieves symptoms of malaria such as fever, headache, body ache, e.t.c
  4. Improves complications of malaria like anemia, fatigue, and insomnia

How to  use:

  1. Each bottle contain 500mg x 16 Capsule
  2. Take 4 capsule for a start.
  3. Then, 2 capsule Morning and Evening for 3 days

Key Ingredients

Radix Glycyrrhizae and Herba Lophatheri

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